Phantom Echoes


What is Phantom Echoes?
Phantom Echoes is a third-person, fast paced arena-style multiplayer game. Players choose from an array of powerful characters and then slaughter each other in deathmatch style combat.
The main focus of Phantom Echoes is team-based arena style combat with a heavy emphasis on balanced gameplay.

Phantom Echoes has a variety of unique characters , maps and gameplay modes.


In all game modes players will choose a character at the start of the match.
Generally, each character has six unique abilities. These six abilities create the characters "kit" which give the character their unique style of gameplay and power. Each character is designed to give players a challenge in mastering their characters kit. The characters are also designed to allow players to become creative with their gameplay.
Characters can be Melee, Ranged or a mixture of both. And although some characters lean towards more traditional roles such as a Tank or Support there is no defined "roles."
Once all players have chosen their character they are loaded into a map specific for the game-type (there is multiple maps each game-type). Players then battle to the death in team vs team combat.
Combat is intense and fast paced. Players that have mastered their characters will crush those that have not. Team coordination is important and players must synergize there abilities and rotation with each other to maximize their efficiency.
Phantom Echoes has a de-emphasize on selecting a "perfect team comp" although if two teams have equal skill, the team with better character synergy will win.